Cassis & Marseille


This tour will be especially for cruise passengers will cover two places:
- Cassis
- Marseille

In this tour, there will be a more in-depth visitation of Marseille. One of the bright sides of this tour is less time will be spent on driving. The cruise-passengers have usually restrained timing onshore, approximately 7 to 8 hours.

What to expect from the tour:

Cassis -
Here, you will relish the startling views from the twelve hundred feet sea-cliff - Cap Canaille. Then we will encounter a nice and elegant French resort by the sea-side. Cassis is renowned as a vivid and picturesque village with delightful restaurants, bars, and lively shops which fascinates and entices the painters and writers. There is also a nice beach in the village which is overlooked by the castle. For our Cassis tour, you will be given free time which you can enjoy by yourself by relaxing in a bar along with their popular local white wine (Protected Designation of Origin since 1936). Boat outings can be prepared for the visitation in the Calanques if the weather is permissible. Another notable thing if you wish to have a boat tour, we will show you where to buy the tickets and for the boat tour visitation it might be possible to visit 3 Calanques and will last around 45 minutes. As the boat tours are operated based on good weather conditions, thus, they do not pre-sell the tickets. For this reason, you have to purchase it directly there.

During our destination from Cassis to Marseille, we will drive through a quite wonderful path named “route de la gineste".

Marseille -
One of the ancient cities in France is Marseille which consists of 111 villages.
Marseille is renowned as the most prominent and oldest city in France. In this tour, we will be exploring the widely known sites and places. While exploring the driver-guide will provide insights and stories related to the specific sites. One of the specific visitations will be the Notre Dame de la Garde then we will stop by the Vieux port via driving along the corniche. On the way to the drive-through, we will encounter some unique villages of Marseille.

Marseille is an ancient city with historic fortresses, count of Monte Cristo (In accordance to the novel by Alexandre Dumas, the character of the Count of Monte Cristo is known for the wrongful imprisonment for years in a prison island in front of Marseille, the “Chateau d’If". The island can be seen from the seashore or Notre Dame de la Garde), hotel-Dieu, old Greek port, second world War landmarks, and so on. Thus, this tour will be historically magnificent and eventful. There are two museums inside Palais Longchamps which are: Beaux-Arts and Natural History. We will not be visiting the museums, we will stop and walk up the stairs and the park which is located in front of the palace.

Depending on the timing you will be given some free time in the old port (Vieux Port) and here if you want you can relish some local food such as navettes (local biscuits), pastis (very strong alcoholic aperitif), beer and so on. In general, you are advised to have a quick lunch in order to have more available time for the visitations. If you want you can try the famous local fish soup called bouillabaisse which is served only in a few well-known restaurants but required a pre-reservation and to allocate at least 2 hours. Thus, if you wish to taste the bouillabaisse you have to inform us previously and we will be booking and organizing the tour accordingly.

Also, an essential piece of information to be noted that this tour is especially beneficial for clients with walking difficulties. Generally, our visitation spots are quickly reachable by the van also most of the surface is flat. Although Marseille does not possess a reliable reputation from the past because of destruction, poverty, drug dealing, and being a shabby port city, hence, it is a very remarkable and very exciting city in terms of visitation. As the year 2013 was the European Capital of Culture, thus, the city was improvised well exceedingly and amazingly, Therefore, the city is unquestionably worth the visitation.

Additional Information

Departure & Return:

We will meet by the ship around 30 minutes after the ship harbors.
We will drop you off securely at the departure of your ship at least one hour before.
The tour will remain up to 7 - 8 hours.
Beverages, food, tickets for the boat-trips and tips are not included.


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