Description of the Sunset Lavender Tour

Pick up in Aix-en-Provence / 69€ pp

Special prices for students and children

Pick-up in Marseille / 75€ pp

Special prices for students and children

A question that arise very often among visitors is "when is the best moment to visit the lavender fields?".
A part of the consideration that lavender bloom between the end of June to roughly the 15-20th of July in the area of Valensole, if possible the best moment to join a tour is in the evening.

In June/July it can be very hot during the day, and although any moment is great to see the lavender fields, the evening is more refreshing, and especially around after 8pm the light is particularly soft and especially adapted for taking pictures. This is why we created this tour.
We are the only company proposing lavender tours both during the day, and in the evening.

After picking you up, we will need around 45 minutes driving to reach the plateau of Valensole. We usually stop straight away near the first fields that we see, and take advantage of this opportunity to also visit a producer. If you forecasted to buy some lavender or local products, it is a wonderful opportunity to do it straight from the producer. And it is a good stop for having the chance of showing you the different lavender varieties of plants.

We will also stop in the Village of Valensole, a cute small local village that is the capital of the lavender production. Here you can visit, taste a lavender ice-cream if you are curios about this specialty, have a drink in a bar or simply have a walk around.
There are places to buy food, but if you bring some with you before the tour starts, it might save you some time for more interesting activities.

The main aim or this tour is taking pictures in the stunning lavender fields, this is were you will spend most of the time.
We will bring you to the nicest fields, and if you travel alone our friendly driver-guide will be more than happy to take pictures of you.
These tours are great ways to also meet other people and different cultures.

We will wait for the sunset, usually around 9:30pm, and after we will drive you back to where your tour started.

If for any reasons in the evening you are not available, please check our daily morning tour. The itinerary and places visited are exactly the same, and anyhow our vans are fully air conditioned to still offer a pleasant tour.


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